Introducing the KMF-AC Federation and Master Alain Cohen: Your Gateway to Global Exposure

Welcome to the world of KMF-AC Federation, where Krav Maga and self-defense excellence converge under the expert guidance of the renowned Master Alain Cohen. A globetrotting authority in the field, Master Cohen’s expertise transcends borders, earning him a prominent place in newspapers, TV interviews, and on the vast landscape of social media.

Master Alain Cohen’s influence extends far beyond the physical realm, with a dedicated following of over 100,000 enthusiasts across various social media platforms. This unique combination of global physical exposure and a robust online presence makes Master Cohen an invaluable asset for those seeking to elevate their brand visibility and drive unprecedented growth.

Master Alain Cohen: The Global Stage Illuminated with TV Spotlights

Master Alain Cohen’s magnetic presence transcends borders, captivating audiences not just in dojos but also on television screens worldwide. With a trail of TV interviews that span the globe, his insights into Krav Maga and self-defense have become a focal point for viewers seeking wisdom and empowerment. From the studios of local news channels to international networks, Master Cohen’s articulate and compelling interviews have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers. Aligning your brand with this television luminary means basking in the glow of global spotlights, where each appearance becomes an opportunity for your message to resonate with audiences near and far. It’s not just about being on television; it’s about sharing the screen with a master whose charisma and expertise leave an enduring impact on the worldwide stage.

KMF-AC Social Medias

Imagine aligning your products or services with a master of his craft, a man whose teachings resonate globally. Partnering with us means having Master Alain Cohen as your ambassador, bringing his expertise and vast network to promote what you offer. The impact of this collaboration is nothing short of astounding – a significant boost to your brand recognition and, ultimately, a tremendous increase in your incomes. Why choose us?

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Master Alain Cohen: A Global Icon Recognized in Print

Title: Master Alain Cohen: A Global Icon Recognized in Print Master Alain Cohen's expertise in Krav Maga and self-defense has not only made waves in the physical realm but has also graced the pages of prestigious publications worldwide. From being featured in esteemed magazines such as The Times, Karate Bushido, Budo Nagazone, and Black Belt Magazine to earning recognition in local newspapers, Master Cohen's impact extends across both global and community landscapes. His insights, teachings, and groundbreaking achievements have become headline material, solidifying his status as a luminary in the martial arts community. Associating your brand with Master Alain Cohen means not just aligning with a respected instructor but also with a figure whose influence resonates through the ink of renowned publications. It's more than a mention; it's an invitation for your brand to share the spotlight on a stage where credibility and recognition take center stage.

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Master Alain Cohen: A Global Force of Physical Influence in Real-World Frontline

Master Alain Cohen’s worldwide journey as a Krav Maga and self-defense luminary is not just a testament to his expertise but also an unparalleled opportunity for sponsorship. Across continents, his courses and seminars draw in hundreds of students hungry for knowledge, creating a dynamic environment for your brand to shine. The physical exposure generated by these events extends beyond the immediate participants – local demonstrations amplify the impact, reaching diverse communities. Aligning your brand with Master Cohen means tapping into this global network, where every seminar becomes a stage for your sponsorship to take center spotlight. It’s not just about associating with a master instructor; it’s about leveraging a global force of influence that transcends borders and leaves an indelible mark. Seize the chance to be a part of this journey, where your sponsorship becomes an integral thread woven into the fabric of Master Alain Cohen’s worldwide impact.

About Master Alain Cohen

– KMF- AC Worldwide Federation Head Instructor 

– Master Cohen taught hundreds of courses for last 20 years, all around the world, thousands of students. Civilians, law enforcement, military and special units. 

– Co-founder of the official Israeli Krav Maga program of the Wingate Institute.

– Official Member of the Israeli Krav Maga Commission of the Israeli National Sport Center – The Wingate Institute (2013-2017)

– Krav Maga Master Black Belt Dan 6th

– Martial Arts Fitness Instructor authorized by Israeli Sport Ministry.

– Israeli Krav Maga Instructor authorized by Israeli sport ministry.

– Israeli Ministry of Defense Supplier.

– Counter-terrorism Instructor.

– Close Protection Instructor.

– Air marshal Instructor for team unit and crews.

– Thai-boxing Instructor certified by Thailand Defense Ministry.

– BJJ & MMA Instructor

Author of 4 Krav Maga Books Bestsellers

Master Alain Cohen's YouTube Mastery: Elevating Your Brand to Millions

In the digital realm, Master Alain Cohen's influence extends far beyond the physical dojo. With a staggering 68,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel, his online presence is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting millions of views across a myriad of videos, each piece of content becomes a powerful conduit for your brand to reach audiences on a monumental scale. From instructional sessions to insightful discussions, Master Cohen's videos captivate not just hundreds of thousands but millions of viewers. Imagine the impact of your brand message resonating with this expansive audience, creating a ripple effect that extends across continents. Partnering with Master Alain Cohen means immersing your brand in a sea of digital possibilities, where every click translates into a potential customer. It's not just about subscribers and views; it's about crafting a narrative that echoes across the vast landscape of digital platforms, propelling your brand into the spotlight with unmatched visibility.